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Nook Sleep Certified Safe Baby Products

Nook Sleep Certified Safe Baby Products

Nook Sleep Certified Safe Baby Products

We Wanted Better for Our Kids – and Yours

We set out to create a crib mattress that we could trust for our own children. We wanted it to be safe, healthy and breathable.

It was important to us that we use truly organic materials wherever possible, and we place these materials where they matter most – next to our babies’ sleeping faces. We looked closely at every detail – from the sleep surface to the zipper – and tested, analyzed, questioned and refined each element that would go into making our crib mattress as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible. If fabrics weren't available, we created them ourselves. We even took the manufacturing process and packaging materials into consideration.

We also wanted to make sure this mattress continued to be comfortable for our babies as they became toddlers, so we came up with a unique dual-sided design – a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.

And we added color! Beneficial for our babies' development, and more fun for parents.

The first Nook crib mattress was born out of our love for our children and our obsession with every last detail of the design.


Reducing the Risk of SIDS for Every Baby

Nook protects your baby against the leading known causes of SIDS. Suffocation is the leading cause of death among children under 1 year old. Ensuring your nursery and immediate crib space are empty is the first step in preventing SIDS. Standard waterproof mattresses are wrapped with an impermeable layer that prevents airflow and increases the risk of suffocation.

Nook Sleep Certified Safe Baby Products

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