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Child Craft Nursery Furnishings

Child Craft Nursery Furnishings

Child Craft Nursery Furnishings

About Child Craft

Since 1954 Child Craft™ has been providing safety, comfort, and style to American families. Our long heritage of leadership in safety and innovation of nursery furnishings is unmatched in our line of business. Many of today’s safety standards and guidelines were initially developed and tested at Child Craft decades ago. The innovation and commitment continues today.

  • The timeless designs and quality of our products will allow your new furnishings to last year after year.
  • Trends may come and go but the enduring value in peace of mind, comfort, and tradition lives on forever.
  • Child Craft™, a brand of Foundations Worldwide, Inc., is one of the most trusted in nursery furnishings.
  • When you purchase Child Craft furniture you receive a high-quality product and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your product has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured.

Get Your Certificate of Compliance

To receive a certificate of compliance for your Child Craft crib, please email compliance@foundations.com or call 330-723-0599 ext. 102. Please have available your crib model number, date of manufacture and PO number. This information can be located on the product ID label for the crib on the inside of the end panels, beneath the mattress support.

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